We, Brüning Maschinenbau GmbH, are a well-known system provider of soil cultivation equipment.
Our focus is on efficiency and attractive pricing.
As an integrated brand, we inspire our customers with our wealth of ideas and the creative implementation of their wishes.

Perfectly happy!


With our extensive machine park, we have a wide range of options for manufacturing, adapting or retrofitting very individual machines.

Special requests, such as this steered front packer with a double-row toothed ring roller, are not a problem for us, but a standard.

Redefine what is unused


With your ideas and our know-how, we can even completely convert your own machines.

For example, your old trailing roller becomes a front packer with everything that goes with it

Old love in new splendor


We can bring even the biggest favorites back into shape.

“This was just repainted” – far from it!

Before a machine is modernized, a catalog of criteria is drawn up as needed to ensure the functionality and durability of a repaired machine. This includes, for example, checking the hole bearing or replacing wear parts.


Think Big!


We leave no wish unfulfilled. As a manufacturer, we don't just convert or upgrade, we take on every challenge!

This hydraulically folding 6m front packer with chassis and drawbar is just one example of our manufacturing skills.

Can be moved individually as a front device or as a follower behind your cultivator, this device combines several work steps and offers maximum efficiency.

Small but nice!


We delight our customers with our machines, even in smaller formats. Our specialty lies in the construction of new front packers of all shapes. For individual pricing, our customers can freely choose between new or very well-preserved rings for cast rings.

“Does EVERYTHING really have to be new?”


The construction of spare parts or individual assemblies is also part of our range. With regard to sustainability, we offer our customers the opportunity to replace worn parts.

With our replacement rollers, your device will perform flawlessly again!

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