Support arm set for light trailers

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  • Pair of support arms made of fine-grain flat steel 80X20, angled to 135°
  • Generous gusset plates for medium loads
  • Lengths are adapted to the existing machine
  • Space-saving and weight-optimized compact set
  • Attached via screw connection at the pivot point
  • Support arm movable at the pivot point, height is adjusted and secured via the screw shaft
  • Elongated hole flange plates for clamping the individual roller carrier profile from 60mm to 80mm
  • 12mm thick, galvanized threaded counter plates for clamping the roller carrier
  • optimal protection against breakage or loss of components
  • including the perforated strips for the pivot point and height adjustment for welding

Product features:

  • Pivot point movable on the screw shaft
  • Upper and lower height adjustment and securing of the roller with two bolts per perforated strip
  • Elongated hole flange at an angle for retrofitting leveling or leveling bars
  • lower fuel consumption through weight optimization
  • Flexible cultivation thanks to space-saving design
  • suitable for light crumbler rollers
  • Lower force absorption compared to support arms made of tubular profiles


  • Frame color in RAL9005
  • also available in RAL5021 / 3000
  • other colors on request
  • Available as a complete set for hydraulic machines
  • alternatively with adjustable hole pattern at the pivot point for with recess for 80mm tube profile
  • Individual construction on request
Flat steel 80x20 mm
suitable for 3 - 4 bars
Tine passage: suitable up to 520mm
Sheet thickness: 12 mm
Simple hole pattern at the pivot point with no adjustment options
Hole strip for height adjustment: hole spacing 37.5mm
Screw connection with M24 at the pivot point
Bolt on hole pattern: Ø25mm

Optional hole pattern adjustment at the pivot point: hole spacing 125 mm
Recess for mounting on 80 mm tube profile
Bolt at pivot point: Ø25mm
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