Short disc harrow hydraulic 6m

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  • Frame made of fine-grain structural steel with 6m working width
  • Robust mounting bracket for KAT2 and KAT3
  • Hydraulic folding with 2 generous cylinders to under 3m for road travel
  • double row hollow disc strip Ø560mm
  • Large swinging edge baffles
  • new, self-cleaning roof ring roller Ø600mm
  • Warning signs and lighting system

Product features:

  • for loosening and breaking large clods of earth
  • very good crumbling performance
  • used to prepare the seedbed
  • at the same time suitable for weed control by cutting the roots of higher-lying herbs
  • also serves to incorporate the seeds
  • Full-surface reconsolidation to maintain soil moisture using an angularly offset tube bar roller
  • Optimized cornering thanks to the inclined windows
  • Increased travel speed compared to the disc harrow at approx. 12-15 km/h


  • Frame color in 5017
  • available in RAL9005 on request
  • alternatively with tube bar rollers in various diameters
  • other rollers on request
  • Harrow bar for mechanical weed control on request
  • Harrows are used to loosen the compacted soil surface, reduce the risk of mud and comb the weeds to the surface to dry out
Information with accessories applies to 3m

Weight: max. 450kg/m
Diameter: Ø600
Working width: 5.9m
Dimensions (LWH): 6.0m x 2.0m x 1.5m
Mounting bracket CAT: 2 / CAT3
Lower link installation height: 0.65m
Bearing: 4-point flange bearing Ø50
Color: RAL9005
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