Crosskill front packer hydraulic

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  • Cast rings with a full-surface profile on the jacket
  • Front packer frame, hydraulically foldable to 90° for ring diameters up to 700mm
  • Frame made of square tube 80X80mm fine-grain steel, standard 5m and 6m working width in stock
  • KAT2 mounting bracket with elongated hole on the lower link to compensate for slopes
  • in a steerable version on request
  • as required with cleaning chains or scraper strips
  • Elongated hole flange for retrofit elements
  • High quality 4-point flange bearing with galvanized end cover to protect against dirt
  • Shaft and bearing diameter corresponding to the ring hub
  • All standard and assembly parts including machine supports included

Product features:

  • Focus on seedbed preparation
  • Good use in spring to break the earth's crust on muddy soils
  • Very good crumbling of the earth's surface reduces the risk of siltation
  • promotes the formation of capillaries in the upper soil layers, ensures better irrigation of the seed
  • very good aeration of the soil layers, stimulates growth
  • less susceptibility to stones
  • lower intensity of reconsolidation compared to Cambridge rings
  • Lower weight compared to Cambridge rings due to wider ring distribution


  • Ring diameter of your choice
  • Frame color in RAL5021
  • available in RAL9005 / 3000
  • other colors on request
  • Working widths in 0.5m increments
  • Frame also available individually including shaft bearings and machine supports
  • Cleaning chains, scraper bars, front tines, warning signs/lighting and leveling bar optional
Information without accessories applies to 6m

Weight: max. 350kg/m
Diameter: Ø500
Working width: 6.12m
Dimensions (LWH): 6.35m x 1.07m x 1.04m
Dimensions folded (LWH): 2.96m x 1.07mx 2.97m
Add-on console CAT: 2
Lower link installation height: 0.35m
Bearing: 4-point flange bearing Ø50
Cylinder: D3570800C
Color: RAL5021 / RAL3000 / RAL9005
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